Real Estate - commercial & residential

Valley Sky offers aerial photography and videography packages for both commercial and residential real estate. We tailor our packages to your needs to ensure you receive the best advertisement of your property. Please contact us with your requirements so that we can design a plan that meets your needs.

Not interested in selling your house, but looking to have aerial photographs to hang on the wall? Look no further! We are happy to work with homeowners to provide them with exceptional images or videos of their home and property. No more hiring a pilot to jump in a plane and circle your home over and over. We can have your photos completed and to you (raw photos) in less than an hour! Want edited images? We can handle that!


Fine Print

Clients receive the copyright for all aerial videography or photography.

Raw or edited footage is available. Images and videos can be downloaded directly to your computer onsite (raw footage) or delivered through a direct link to download if you would like edited footage.

Drone flight is weather dependent. Please consider this when scheduling your drone sessions. Refunds will be made when Valley Sky LLC determines that the weather is not conducive to flying. We do not fly in rain, temperatures above 100oF or below 32oF, and wind speeds of greater than 10mph.

We make every effort to fly in areas that fall within the 5-mile radius of airports, but sometimes permission may be denied.